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Paulette is an accomplished artist who wanted new portraits for her website. She also wanted some classic family portraits with her husband, Dick, and their dog, Lucy, who both joined us later.  They asked me to hold off on publishing this post until after Christmas.  They gave some wall portraits to their family as special gifts and wanted them to be surprised.

We had so much fun, starting with professional hair and makeup for Paulette.
Paulette Professional Hair and Makeup_0001.jpg
She chose a simple blue dress with fun leggings and bold eyeglass frames for her website photos.
Paulette in Blue_0003.jpg
Paulette in Black Strappy Dress_0002.jpg
Dick in Tweed Jacket_0004.jpg
Man with Poodle_0006.jpg
Couple with Poodle_0005.jpg
Lucy needed occasional breaks for belly rubs!
Lucy the Poodle, Upside Down_0010.jpg
Portrait of Couple with Poodle Dog_0007.jpg
Portrait Reveal Wall_0008.jpg
The Heirloom Folio Collection
Folio Collection_0009.jpg

Hair & Makeup by Ashley Conn