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Extraordinary: the Over 50 Revolution – Jessie

Being in front of the camera can feel like a vulnerable place to be. That’s why many of us avoid it. The result though, is that most of us don’t exist in beautiful portraits. Jessie wanted to participate in the Extraordinary: the Over 50 Revolution because she didn’t exist in many photos at all, let alone ones that made her feel good. She liked the idea of facing her vulnerability. She also wanted to be a part of a unique movement of older women being photographed for their strength, wisdom, and beauty.

Behind the scenes photo: Jessie in hair and makeup styling before her photo session; a final portrait of Jessie wearing a blue dress for the Over 50 Revolution
Hair and makeup by Donna Cotnoir

Jessie said, “Women in this age group have been through years of varied experiences, and so many exude confidence; so many of them have realized an extraordinary strength from childbearing and mothering. It’s not just mothering, though, but decades of learning about who we are in a society that is changing from focusing on the Barbie doll image of what we should like to a far more accepting norm.”

A behind the scenes photo of Maundy with Jessie's dog; a portrait of Jessie wearing a denim shirt for the Over 50 Revolution
Behind the scenes photo (left) courtesy of Lydia M.

Since she turned 50, Jessie is learning to explore her personal wants and ideals. “I’m looking at how I can embrace what I want to do after giving years and years of my time and energy to my family and countless others in my work life. I am working on consciously embracing and accepting my authentic self — including the self-proclaimed ‘imperfections’ — but at the same time, knowing that these imperfections are not that at all, but instead they just are.”

A portrait of Jessie with her dog for Extraordinary: the Over 50 Revolution

Growing up, Jessie had several close role models: her grandmothers and her mother. “They were remarkable and powerful mothers of many. They had unique talents, were wonderful cooks, knew the importance and endurance, of reading, and also had a deep connection to the natural world. My own mother was a role model to me in countless ways, teaching me about kindness and enduring life changes at a very young age. My Mom has a charisma, intelligence and determination that is commendable and hard to describe.” 

A portrait of Jessie wearing a black patterned dress for the Over 50 Revolution

When asked what advice she would give to women who are younger than her, Jessie said, “I am constantly reflecting on a quote about embracing your entire messy, unorganized life, knowing it’s how families, children, motherhood and daily routine simply present themselves. When we can accept that truth it makes life doable. But especially, finding moments each day to reflect on things you’re grateful for can bring indescribable nuggets of joy and content.”

A portrait of Jessie wearing white in front of a white background the Extraordinary: the Over 50 Revolution

The affect Jessie would like to have on the world revolves around empathy and kindness “because in the end, we all need to practice this to make life doable.”

Two portraits of Jessie wearing a blue dress for the Over 50 Revolution

“My experience with Maundy was beyond exceptional. Although I went there with a completely open mind, her nurturing demeanor, professionalism and creativity exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend that you reach out to her to have a fun and unique experience — besides, you end up with a timeless set of photos to have and share with others! Win, win, win!” – Jessie

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