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Extraordinary: the Over 50 Revolution – Deb

Happy New Year!  Nothing makes me happier than to serve people with a luxurious experience and create portraits that bring joy to them and those who love them. As I prepare to welcome participants in The Over 50 Revolution 2024, I’m pleased to introduce Deb, the last participant in the 2023 project Extraordinary: The over 50 Revolution. I loved getting to know her. We discovered that we are from the same hometown, and we had great fun reminiscing. 

Deb had been searching for photos of her mother and grandmothers, who were her role models. She found very few. “Women are usually taking the family photos or caring for others, so we don’t have [portraits] of our women ancestors,” she said.

Two photos from The Over 50 Revolution - Deb. A photo of Deb enjoying professional hair and makeup styling by Dianne Sitar, and a portrait of Deb wearing a red silk dress.
Hair & makeup styling by Dianne Sitar

She hopes that the media and society will “look more positively toward aging women after seeing such beautiful portraits.” 

Portrait of Deb, barefoot, wearing white shirt and jeans for The Over 50 Revolution
Photo of Deb from her portrait session for Extraordinary: the Over 50 Revolution. She is seated and barefoot, wearing a white shirt and jeans

When she thinks about herself at 50, Deb said, “it seems young.”  She has become more self-assured and independent, and not to worry so much about criticism.

Portrait of Deb, standing, wearing a one-shoulder, green Halston gown

Deb’s role models were her mother and grandmother. “My grandmother was an amazing woman who lived to be 97, and who never lost her thirst for knowledge. She was an avid reader until the day she died. She and her sister lived in a small town in Vermont in their 80s and 90s. Every week they walked to their local library and ordered books through inter-library loan — as many as they were allowed to borrow. They went home with armloads of books to read for the week. You could ask [my sister] a question about any subject, and she had the answer.” 

Portrait of Deb for the Over 50 Revolution. She is wearing a beige silk dress in front of a floral backdrop

Deb’s husband, Norm, joined her at the end of her portrait session, because it had been a very long time since they had portraits together.

Two photos of Deb with her husband from her photo session for Extraordinary: The Over 50 Revolution

Now, Deb prioritizes her physical and mental wellbeing. The advice Deb would give to women who are younger than her is: “Don’t look at getting older as a burden, look at it as becoming wiser, stronger, kinder.  Embrace the things you have done. Continue to learn and take care of yourself physically and mentally as you grow older.”

Portrait of Deb, seated with a hat, wearing a black turtleneck
Portrait of Deb, seated, with bare feet, wearing a black turtleneck
A 5-star Google Business Review from Deb after her portrait experience for Extraordinary: The Over 50 Revolution

Next, I’ll be working on a book of all the 2023 participants. In the spring, we’ll have an exhibit and celebration. I can’t wait to see all of these extraordinary women together, and to toast to another amazing year of being over 50.

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