Portraits • Headshots • Plymouth, New Hampshire

Classic Portraiture, Contemporary Art

Karielle is a New Hampshire native and a talented actor. In this shoot, I chose to emulate some of the oil painting conventions of the nineteenth century using twenty-first century technology, and Karielle’s timeless beauty.
Portrait in Tulle Gown © 2015 Maundy Mitchell_0003.jpg
Portrait in Tulle Gown 3 © 2015 Maundy Mitchell_0005.jpg
Portrait in Tulle Gown 4 © 2015 Maundy Mitchell_0006.jpg
Portrait in Tulle Gown 2 © 2015 Maundy Mitchell_0004.jpg
Modern Beauty Portrait
Portrait with Mask © 2015 Maundy Mitchell_0002.jpg
Vanity Fair Portrait © 2015 Maundy Mitchell_0009.jpg
Portrait in Beaded Lace Gown © 2015 Maundy Mitchell_0008.jpgPortrait in Beaded Gown © 2015 Maundy Mitchell_0007.jpg