Portrait & Headshot Photographer • Plymouth, New Hampshire

A Tintype Experience for Three Friends

Hwa is a celebrated fine art photographer who lives in South Korea. When she and her friends, Jean and Haewon, were planning on traveling around New England, she researched interesting things to do. The three friends are interested in art, photography, and history. They decided to put New Hampshire on their itinerary so they could experience a tintype session together.

A tintype is an image made on a metal plate using a chemical process that was invented in 1851. I use an antique camera and lens to create these kinds of portraits. Each portrait takes many careful steps to complete, and the result is a one-of-a-kind, truly archival image.

South Korean photographer Hwakyung Chang with tintype portraits by Maundy Mitchell at Maundy's studio in Plymouth, NH, USA
Hwa with her tintype portraits
A wet plate collodion / tintype (ferrotype) portrait of Hwakyung Chang wearing a hat
A scan of an original tintype portrait of Hwa
tintype portraits in the drying rack
Tintype portraits in the drying rack
Collage of tintype process:  Haewon's portrait in the final rinse; Haewon with her finished portrait; two digital scans of Haewon's tintype portraits
Haewon with her tintype portraits
Two images: tintype portrait of Jean in the final rinsing stage; cell phone photo of Jean with her tintype portrait
Jean with her tintype portrait
Tintype portrait of Jean
A scan of an original tintype portrait of Jean
A cell phone selfie taken by Hwa

“Tintype portraits are very rare these days, yet Maundy provides a very friendly, informative, and comfortable experience. She is so warm and this helps to draw out the most intimate and relaxed expression from you resulting in a very precious portrait. Maundy delights in guiding you through the whole experience. Every step of the way from first contact, preparation for the session, and through the posing in the studio. Not only will you have a special experience, you are sure to have a very unique portrait of yourself. I highly recommend the experience.” – Hwa