A Mother & Son Celebration | Maundy Mitchell Photography
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A Mother & Son Celebration

“I booked my portrait session after seeing Maundy’s beautiful photographs of many people I recognized.  She brought out the extraordinary in each of them.  I wanted to treat myself to a celebration of my independence.  I also wanted to mark the accomplishment of my son achieving his Junior first degree black belt in Uechi Ryu karate from White Mountain Karate.  It is fun to be pampered and elegant, royalty for a day and every day that I gaze upon these images.  Maundy’s portraits capture beauty, poise and confidence. We are all worthy.” –– Kim Shansby Currell

Professional hair and makeup at Maundy Mitchell Photography
Hair & makeup by Melissa Hanson
Portraits of a woman in a gold evening gown
Black and white portraits of a mother and son; and a portrait of a boy in a black leather jacket
Portraits of a boy wearing a karate gi (uniform)
Portraits of a mother and son practicing with the bo (staff) in Uechi Ryu karate
Photos of a mother and son at a Plymouth NH photo studio
Portraits of a woman in a gold dress, a vintage lace dress, and a red silk dress
Casual portraits of a 9-year-old boy
Photo of the Print Reveal Session at Maundy Mitchell Photography