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A Headshot Variety

Nelson works for a large company as a global sales representative.  He has expertise in brand development. He understands the importance of his visual image. I was pleased to work with him recently to update his professional headshots and personal branding images.

Professional headshots on a light background

In addition to photos for his company website and LinkedIn, Nelson wanted to have some casual options that he can use if he writes an article or gives a talk. Now he has a variety of images ready to go for any occasion, business or personal.

A headshot and a personal branding portrait on black backgrounds
Personal branding photo a black background

“Maundy’s photography will make you look like a gorgeous professional and make you feel like an ultimate star. Did I miss my calling as a fashion supermodel? Probably not. But working with Maundy I was able to get some perfect images for corporate and personal use. Two thumbs up! ” – Nelson