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Unforgettable: the Over 50 Revolution, Part XIX – Liz

Why did you want to participate in Unforgettable: the Over 50 Revolution?

“To personally celebrate, acknowledge, and honor my 77 years of life.”

Behind the scenes at Maundy Mitchell Photography - Liz with hair and makeup stylist during her Over 50 Revolution photo session
Hair & makeup styling by Donna Cotnoir

What are your thoughts about women over 50?

“The world could be more equitable, kind, safe, healthy, and productive if women over 50 held a larger percentage of decision-making positions.”

Portrait of Liz, wearing a black turtleneck during her photo session for the Over 50 Revolution

 How have you changed since you turned 50?

“Having lost many family members, I became more focused on the people and things that are most dear to me.  I strive to ‘keep it simple’.”

Growing up, did you have any women role models?

“Yes, my grandmothers who immigrated to America at the turn of the 20th century, each raising 10 children [despite] never learning to speak English; my mother who instilled hard work, valuing a well-kept home, and the ability to recognize the small details that make something beautiful rather than just ordinary.”

High key photo of Liz, smiling, for her Over 50 Revolution portrait experience

What advice would you give to women who are younger than you?

“Know yourself, have real conversations and discussions with people who are not your age, be a good listener.  You can learn so much from others if you can step out of your comfort zone. And get outside every day, no matter the weather. Read more books.”

Photo of Liz from her Over 50 Revolution portrait experience, holding a book in front of a vintage tapestry

What effect would you like to have on the world?

“To do as little harm to the earth as possible; consume less, leave a small footprint.”

High key portrait of Liz, wearing a textured sweater, for the Over 50 Revolution photo session

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If you are a woman over the age of fifty, “the Over 50 Revolution” is for you. It’s for everyone who loves you, and for other women of all ages, to show them that they are worthy, too. I hope you’ll join me in this luxurious and empowering experience. 

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