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Portraits for Rebecca

“What a wonderful experience and I’m so happy I chose you for it.” -Rebecca E.

Recently, Rebecca decided to book a portrait experience for herself. She wanted a range of portraits. We began with headshots she could use for work and social media. Then we created portraits that ranged from casual and fun to glamorous, and even some antique-inspired portraits. It was a beautiful day!

Behind the scenes collage of Rebecca's portrait experience: hair and makeup styling, the studio, and dresses.
Hair and makeup by Melissa Hanson

Here are some of Rebecca’s favorite portraits from her session.

Headshots for use on business websites and social media
Headshot for Rebecca
Low key, black and white portrait of Rebecca in a black dress
Behind the scenes - photographer, and portrait of Rebecca in a large-brimmed hat
Three portraits of Rebecca in a white sweater
Neutral toned profile portrait of Rebecca in antique lace top and little hat with feathers
Portrait of Rebecca in antique lace top and jeans.  Neutral tones, Rembrandt lighting, fashion-style pose
Portrait of Rebecca in a gold gown on a black background