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Exist in Photos Milena's Portraits of Me

I tend to stay behind the camera. I have all the excuses for avoiding my own portraits:  I’m too busy.  I look tired.  I’m in the process of allowing my natural hair color (black & white!) to grow in.  Maybe I’ll be in better shape next year.  When I thought about that, I realized that I was waiting to be perfect to exist in portraits.

My friend Milena Perdriel, a photographer with a studio in Paris (MilenaP Photographe), recently helped me with this.  I booked a short corporate portrait session with her at the end of a week-long work trip.

Did I still feel all of the things I mentioned above?  You bet. But Milena made me feel welcome and comfortable.  She reminded me of my own message: Don’t let waiting for perfection become a habit. Life is happening now. You’re valuable and beautiful now.

I am so happy that I exist in these photos.  Now I get to look at these portraits and remember this busy time in my life, this wonderful trip doing the work I love with amazing people.  Thank you, Milena!