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A Mother-Daughter Photo Shoot Victoria & Wendy

Wendy first contacted me about a photo session for her daughter, Victoria. During their consultation meeting they decided Wendy would join her. Wendy said, “A friend recently lost his mother, and had posted about how difficult it was to find a picture…and it got me thinking–I’m usually the photographER, not the photographEE…and that’s sad for my kids and future grandchildren…so glad I did.”
They enjoyed a special mother-daughter experience, starting with professional hair and makeup, wardrobe styling, snacks and drinks. They both had so much fun. When they returned to the studio two weeks later, they chose portraits that will surely become family heirlooms.
 Victoria wore her grandmother’s fur for some of her portraits.
 “I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you all consider doing this-it was so much fun! We are absolutely THRILLED with the results of our photo session.” -Wendy
 Hair & Makeup: Donna Cotnoir