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Branding Portraits for Lisa & Sandie

Lisa is a copywriting genius and Sandie is a graphic design ninja.  They help non-profit organizations with their fundraising materials. Together, they are a creative team with an international clientele.  They came to the studio recently for portraits that represent their brands, individually and together.   Their portraits needed to have a variety of uses, from casual headshots for

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Life’s Work, Part XXXVI

Luke, Traffic Officer, London This post marks the end of a nearly two-year personal project about people and their work, and about the evolution of trades and professions.   Life’s Work extends Irving Penn’s  Small Trades, 1950-1951.   Small Trades was rooted in work by Eugène Atget (1857 – 1927).   Each examined individuals based on profession. In 70 year jumps, each wrestled with

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