People are beautiful

Life’s Work, Part XXIII Zepherin, Chemical Technician

Zepherin, “Zeph,” works for an aerospace company that builds, cleans, and inspects parts which often go into jet and rocket engines. “My job is to use a variety of chemicals to clean material off these parts. [It’s] dangerous, but thorough training and the right protective equipment helps keep us safe. It’s exhausting at times, but

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“A Soul-satisfying Family Experience” Trudy, Marty, Kacey & Zeph

“Our portrait session was a soul-satisfying family experience from start to finish. It captures a unique turning point in my life. We all really loved working with Maundy and we look forward to enjoying our portraits for many years.” – Trudy Hair & makeup by Ashley ConnTrudy is transitioning in her career, and about to earn

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Open Studio for Walkabout Wednesday! Wednesday, July 11, 5-7 PM

You’re invited! Join us for a special Walkabout Wednesday on July 11, from 5:00 – 7:00 p.m. at 2 Post Office Square, Plymouth, NH. Presented in partnership with the PSU Women’s Leadership Summit  Plymouth’s popular ” Walkabout Wednesday ” will showcase women artists and entrepreneurs.  Businesses in Plymouth’s downtown are teaming up to raise awareness of

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